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TruePower™ Ready for What's Next Quiz InstructionsUncover Your Yearning for More by answering the following questions. As you read each statement, choose a number between 1 and 5 that best represents your agreement with that statement. 1=Strongly Disagr

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You have a longing to have a more meaningful life, but don’t know what that looks like.

You’re frustrated with your current role or work enough that you wish you could leave your role or job for something more fulfilling.

You stay awake at night wondering what you can do to be happier, more stable or abundant.

You get agitated when you experience the status quo, or the "way things are."

You desire to contribute your talents and capacities more fully, but haven’t really figured out how to do that.

You are somewhat jealous of people who seem to be living their passion.

You’re using your talents or gifts at work, but  you’re not having the kind of impact that matters to you.

You feel guilty for wanting more out of life, as if living on “purpose” is only for other people.

You expect your relationships to fulfill your desires (rather than finding meaning in work or your personal passions).

You’ve partially given up the dream of living “on purpose”, since you haven’t been able to figure out what you’re here to do.

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